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Four parts.
Precisely made.*

* and assembled in the U.K




Silicone ripple insert

It's taken 16 months of research, development and testing to perfect the ripple, a single piece of compressed silicone that makes inserting, moving and removing flies quicker and easier than ever.

With no perishable parts, no slits that stretch and tear, and no fiddly pre-defined spacing, the ripple offers unrivaled versatility. Hooks are simply pressed in, firmly held, and retrieved with a gentle pull.


Polycarbonate lid & base

With its low weight, high impact resistance and excellent optical clarity, polycarbonate seemed the natural material for the manufacture ripplebox.

The lid is free from brand logos and perfectly flat, giving an uninterupted view of all your flies, even with the lid still closed. A protective bump ring helps prevent against scratches, and UV stabilisation keeps it strong and clear, no matter how much sun you're lucky to see, forever.

Our base is just as tough, and features an added surface texture to aid with grip on those wet cold days. A stainless steel marine grade pin connects the two, making a rust-proof and high tolerance hinge.


Nylon latch

Reliable, robust, weatherproof and designed to be glove friendly.

Our locking latch is manufactured from self-lubricating nylon, ensuring a smooth and consistent pivot, and excellent resistance to corrosion.

A compact, take everywhere box.

The perfect size, to introduce ripple technology.